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Backup Utility

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Editorial review


Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

Backup Utility is a small tool that allows you to backup files from different source directories and allows you to create multiple target files. It is able to self-create the archives in the ZIP format, but it also gives you the option to select an external program if you wish to use a different format to backup the information.
Besides that, it has two operational modes: Easy and Advanced mode. The Easy mode shows a single panel, where you can add one or more source directories and assign a target file to each of them, with the only disadvantage that you cannot select the path for the target files. The advanced mode is more customizable, it includes a panel where you can add multiple source directories, and another where you can create multiple target files; with the advantage that you can select the path for them, assign a target file to each source directory, or assign multiple source directories to a single target file.

Regardless of the mode you choose, the rest of the process is a piece of cake; it just requires you to start the backup process, with the option that you can select the targets to backup or backup all of them at once.

Among other features, the program includes a list of common folders to backup, has an option to use unique names, and lets you save the backup projects into a file.

In short, if you are looking for a program to create several backup files at once or backup several folders from different locations, this tool is for you. If this is not your case, there are many other options that let you backup data more easily and for free.


  • You can create several backup files at once and backup several folders from different locations.
  • You can use an external program to backup the information.


  • It does not have help included.
  • Once the backup process starts, it cannot be interrupted.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 520.5 KB

Publisher's description

Backup utility is a useful tool to simplify files and folders copying to the archives.

Each one has its own unique files. It may be music, programming code, graphics, any other own-designed files, but, unfortunately, anyone can lose it in a moment. It may be a virus, own fatal mistake or anything else.
Windows 'recycled bin' can help you only in one case, if you has deleted your files manually using Windows tools (like Windows Explorer).
So, the practice of archiving unique files and copying it to the new location it's the only way to decrease the risk to lose it.

Backup Utility has build-in zip compression and easy access to archiving. You don't need any additional programs. But, if you prefer any external archiver, i.e. WinRar, you can use it too by setting one of program options.
Backup Utility operates the file lists. You can load, modify and save file list. Also program has AutoSave option.

At the following screenshot you can see two lists. One list - list of folders you want to save in archive. Example folders: 'My Documents', 'Favorites', 'Application Data', any other ...
Second list - target files, the filenames of archives where to save the data.
You can point any folder (source) to any target file by double-click the folder name. Use right-click to add or remove items from list.
Finally press 'Backup All' button (or press F5). All data will be stored in archives; all older files will be updated.
Note: Use different disk letters for backups if possible. For example, if your data stored in disk 'C', copy it into 'D:\' e.t.c.
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